Our Commitment to Protect Customers and Staff during the Covid-19 Pandemic

After 12 weeks of lockdown, ProperFood 2U are now returning back to production in Sheffield to resume manufacturing and delivery of food to the workplace.

Whilst we’d love to be able to say it’s ‘business as usual’, we are acutely aware that times have changed and we have to adapt to the new trading environment to keep customers and staff safe from the chance of Covid-19 contagion.

We have spent the last few weeks planning our return, with distance and safety in mind.  The following procedures are part of a much more detailed process that we now follow each day and make up the backbone of our Covid-19 risk assessment.

Staff Protection

  • In line with government guidelines we display the standard Covid-19 risk assessment in strategic areas around the building. This immediately raises the importance of a change in process upon arrival in the building.
  • Upon arrival, staff must wash their hands for at least 20 seconds in line with government guidelines.
  • Contact during work hours is important, after all who wants to stand all day without any form of social contact (at a safe distance). With this in mind, we have a dedicated area for short meetings and briefings which force social distancing at a 2 metre distance.
  • Contact is prohibited in all instances in the workplace, hand shakes, high fives, hugs and kisses are not allowed…sorry! We know you’ve missed your colleagues but let’s stay safe and keep them with us!
  • Staff changing rooms are now restricted to one person at a time to eliminate the risk of contact.
  • We operate a one way system around our building.
  • Contact surfaces are sanitised several times daily, these include light switches, keypads, alarm pads, door handles, keys, lockers and worksurfaces.
  • PPE is provided to all staff, gloves are provided for production staff and masks are provided to drivers who are in contact with customers. For van drivers, gloves are changed after each call and masks are worn at all times during service.
  • All staff must wash their hands as they enter and leave their working areas, as hospital visitors would during visiting hours.


  • We have 2 production departments, one for hot products and one for cold products, these operate daily and produce/bake off your food fresh daily.
  • Each department is contained within its own kitchen separated by a 6 metre wide void (corridor), each kitchen having a single member of staff working (to begin with) so contact is eliminated during working hours.
  • We are currently operating on minimal production staff to allow us to grow back into our business.
  • Break times are staggered so there is no risk of contact.
  • Our production staff access different areas of stock for their daily preparation, thus eliminating the chance of contact throughout their day.
  • Production staff start and finish their shifts at different times, hence further reducing the chance of contact.

Goods In and Goods Out

  • When goods are received into the building, suppliers are required to announce their arrival so that staff can be prepared for offloading.
  • Warehouse doors and front entrance doors remain closed at all times so people can’t wander into the building.
  • Upon arrival, drivers must wash their hands before offloading, the correct PPE must be worn at all times.
  • Goods are to be offloaded to the warehouse entrance floor or immediately outside the building, Proper Food 2U staff will be in attendance to check deliveries and sign paperwork using dedicated sanitised pens where scanners aren’t in use.
  • Staff and drivers must visibly wash their hands in front of each other prior to offloading.
  • In a similar manner, when finished goods are taken out to load up the PF2U vans, the production operative must be wearing the appropriate PPE and load the van without any interference from the PF2U driver. Once the products have been loaded onto the vehicle the production operative must stand back at least 2 metres and allow the driver to approach to check stock before departing.
  • Upon returning from service each day, the PF2U driver must remove food stuffs/waste and then sanitise the van thoroughly focusing mainly on contact surfaces using the bacterial sanitiser provided, this includes keys, steering wheel, handbrake, stalks, dashboard, gear knob, door handles, window levers, oven/fridge handles, phone, tablet.
  • In order to reduce cross contamination, PF2U drivers must not change/swap vehicles without prior management authorisation.

Customer Facing Service

  • Upon arrival PF2U drivers must sound the tune to alert customers that they have arrived.
  • Once the vehicle is parked in the designated service area, the driver must open up the service flap and site the safety table at a 2 metre distance from the van.
  • Safety signs are visible on the rear of the van as the customer approaches and on the safety table for use during service.  (see images)

Covid Safe Table

  • All drivers must visibly wash hands as customers are approaching the vehicle.
  • All drivers must wear the PPE provided, face mask and new gloves at each call.
  • Customers must be made verbally aware of the safe distancing rule and are not to approach the service side of the van until the driver has stepped back. Once the customer has made their selection, the driver will package the order and leave it on the service counter for collection whilst preparing the card terminal for contactless payment.
  • Contactless payments are preferable, although cash payments are secondary and accepted. Cash change must be left on the service side in front of the fridge for customers to collect, not handed to them in the previous manner.
  • When service has finished, the driver must discard the gloves used in the designated waste sack.

We will continue to update this page with further improvements as we phase more staff back to work.