Top Marks for New Chilled Food Production Facility

After investing a further £100,000 in a brand new sandwich and chilled production facility we had an unannounced visit by the EHO (Environmental Health Officer) for a full premises and Food Safety audit.

We were already a 5 Star facility so we just needed to maintain our standard…which we did and passed with flying colours again!  What was different about this was the comment from the EHO officer, he said

“This is one of the best facilities I’ve visited…period”

He went on to congratulate our General Manager for maintaining a high standard and for going beyond the standard.  Additionally he was pleased to see that the new production facility had been designed with the correct guidelines for food storage and preparation, even down to the signage and food safety management controls which he also commented were beyond what other facilities deliver.

When we manufacture food (hot or cold) we focus heavily on food safety, our production and food handling (including drivers) staff are all classroom trained (as opposed to online trained) which is a commitment of a full day outside of normal working hours, to ensure that there is a full understanding of food safety and safe food handling.

We manufacture and serve food in a manner by which we would hope to be served ourselves, as customers.